Collection of the Museum Reproductions

Following the opening of the Maricel Palace as museum as a section of Cau Ferrat Museum, the Museum Board contributes, in addition to its own collection of wrought iron, a part of the Museum Reproductions, inaugurated at the old Palace of Industry in Barcelona in 1891 and later merged with the Museum of Decorative Art and Archaeology of Barcelona. These quality reproductions of works of art are intended for universal art education.

In June 1936, the Board decided to take collections of porcelain, ceramics, enamels, glass, sculpture, furniture and mosaic to the Maricel Palace. Some of the works are signed by some of the best artists such as Teòfil Soyer (Paris and Geneva) with "Aphrodite with cupids" and by Ernest Blancher. It also highlights the cofrets with drawers that come from Vienna and date from the nineteenth century. Not all are copies, there are also originals made using other artistic disciplines, such as portraits of Rafael, signed by these artists.

The following for part of the Museum Reproductions, among others, the Virgin in the Chapel of Maricel Palace, the statue of Peter el Ceremoniós, also called Saint. Charlemagne, the original of which is in the Museum of the Cathedral of Girona; fragments of Byzantine mosaics of Ravenna representing the Emperor Justinian and his wife Theodora; Bust of Seneca, a copy of which is preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Naples, as well as copies of other Roman sculptural portraits, like the Emperor Tiberius; copies of Italian artists such as Lorenzetti, Giotto, Luca della Robbia or Donatello's David. It should be noted the presence of glass objects that describe the history of glass, with objects blown in Murano and the best German glass workshops during the early eighties of the nineteenth century.