Sitges Museums launch an innovative 360 virtual tour

This new tool that brings collections closer to visitors

The Cau Ferrat and Maricel Museums offer visitors a new tool that will allow you to learn more about their works by walking through the rooms from the screen of your PC, or any mobile device.

Using 360° photographs to capture every corner of the museums, a virtual tour has been created where audio resources, images, text, and videos are incorporated, to give information of the rooms, and of the most outstanding works of each museum.

A unique opportunity to create your own tour, with just a click we can go from the Mirador Room to the Luminist Room of the Maricel Museum, or from the Brollador Room to the Gran Saló of the Cau Ferrat Museum, to mention just a few examples.

The tour is carried out through the icons that are in the rooms, which allow you to move through these, and get information about the works. It also has other very intuitive features for the user, which will help you to enjoy a good experience visiting the Museums of Sitges in a virtual way.

This proposal is the result of an analysis of the Catalan, Spanish and International Museums that have virtual visits, where most of them only incorporate the virtual visit without content or with little information. From the Museums of Sitges we wanted to take a step forward, and implement an innovative proposal that improves the current conceptualization of this type of digital tools to bring the heritage to users.

Click on the tours and live a unique experience!