The MNAC and the Prado exhibit works from Cau Ferrat

| 19 April 2024
Two important exhibitions in the artistic agenda of Barcelona and Madrid show various works from the Museu del Cau Ferrat. We are dealing here with Samples from S uzanne Valadons. A modern epic. recently inaugurated at the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, and Art and social transformations in...view ›

Museus increase the number of foreign visitors

| 29 February 2024
International visitors grew by 28.58% in 2023 compared to the previous year, according to data from the records of access to the Cau Ferrat and Maricel museums, the Stämpfli Foundation and the Palau de Maricel. This is a significant leap in the internationalization of museums, in a year in which...view ›

An installation of 11 flags designed by Peter Stämpfli in the 90s takes the center stage in the Foundation's new proposal

| 16 February 2024
The Stämpfli Foundation is launching a new artistic proposal: these are eleven flags designed by Peter Stämpfli in the 90s and which until recently had not been exhibited in public again. The sample carries by title In the wind and can be seen in Room 3, while Rooms 1 and 2 offer around thirty...view ›

Sitges Museums commemorates the 90th anniversary of the death of Miquel Utrillo by highlighting his work

| 19 January 2024
The cultural and heritage history of Sitges cannot be understood without the figure of Miquel Utrillo Morlius (Barcelona, 1862 - Sitges, 1934). Artist, engineer, decorator, art critic and cultural promoter, his role was crucial and decisive in the construction of the Maricel complex, commissioned...view ›

Maricel Museum exhibits the most complete collection of the Old Museum of Artistic Reproductions

| 18 December 2023
Maricel Museum presents the exhibition Beauty models. The old Museum of Artistic Reproductions , an exhibition that brings together 200 pieces of furniture, glass, painting, sculpture, porcelain, ceramics, enamel, plaster and mosaic, which made up this collection created at the end of the 19th...view ›

The exhibition 'Unexpected visits' invites six works by contemporary artists to talk with six others from the Maricel Museum

| 24 November 2023
The Maricel Museum opened the exhibition Unexpected visits today , an exhibition where six works that come from art galleries talk with six other pieces from the collection of the same museum. Unexpected visits is a joint initiative of Sitges Museums and the Catalonian Art Gallery Association. The...view ›