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The Sitges Museums showing more than sixteen thousand pieces on the new website

For the first time, all collections of the Sitges Museums can be seen online through the website, a joint initiative between several Catalan museums and the companies Nubilum, Coeli and Edittio; free of charge, in order to make available to everyone the small and great treasures we keep during this COVID-19 crisis.

This platform offers simple and intuitive access to the basic information about our collections, both those that are regularly displayed and those that are stored in the reserves. This initiative has also joined the Pau Casals Museum of the Vendrell, the Vinseum de Vilafranca del Penedès, the Alcover Museum, the Terres de l'Ebre Museum, the Botanical Institute of Barcelona and the Fundació Palau de Caldes d'Estrac, among others.

16,400 works to consult!

In the case of Sitges, we have uploaded 16,400 files, with their corresponding images. These are inventory photos that are used to identify each object, selectable by generic classification, piece name, author and place, and grouped by the museum to which the Cau Ferrat Museum is attached: Maricel Museum, Maricel Palace, Can Llopis Romantic Museum, Stämpfli Foundation for Contemporary Art and Can Falç.

This information is the result of many years of working on the documentation of the collections, coordinated by Elisenda Casanova, and should have been published for years, in accordance with the recommendations of the International Council of Museums and with current legislation. The current situation was the trigger that allowed us to accelerate a project so necessary.

In the near future, information about each object will be expanded to all of the fields in our museum databases and will be given a more stable and more oriented presentation, also to meet the interests and needs of researchers.

The following are the direct links of image consultation of each museum: