Sitges Heritage Association

Created on 23 December 1994 by the decision of the Council of the City of Barcelona and the City Hall of Sitges, Sitges Heritage Consortium (CPS) is a local public consortium and the local management unit of the museums of Sitges. The initial regulation, which determined the joint management of the three museums in Sitges (Cau Ferrat Museum, Romantic Museum Can Llopis and Maricel Museum) and the Maricel Palace were substantially modified by a new Statutes (BOPB no.212, 3.IX.2004, p.57-64). The last partial modification date 18.VII.2011 (BOBP no. 5924, 20.VII.2011, p. 4062-4063).

Sitges City Council and the Provincial Council are each owners of half of the consortium assets. The city hall of Sitges is the owner of the Cau Ferrat Museum by testamentary bequest by Santiago Rusiñol and the Maricel Palace by purchase (1954). The Barcelona Provincial Council received by testamentary bequest the Romantic Museum Casa Llopis (1943) and opened it as a public museum six years later (1949) and also owns by purchase the Maricel Museum (1969) and the Collection of Dr. Jesús Pérez Rosales, by donation (1968). It also owns for acquisition of Can Rocamora (1973) located between Cau Ferrat Museum and Maricel Museum..

The objectives of the CPS are:

-preservation, documentation, and dissemination of the historical, artistic and cultural legacy off Sitges and knowledge of art in general;

-management to assigned equipment and provision of specialized services. (Art.1.1 of the Statutes).

The purpose and services of the CPS are as follows (art. 6 of the Statutes):

  1. The management of museums of Sitges (Cau Ferrat Museum, Maricel Museum and Romantic Museum) and art collections that are attached;
  2. Management of Maricel Palace and the cultural and artistic legacy contained;
  3. The provision of proper services and equipments to the heritage complex, by managing by their own or establishing appropriate agreements;
  4. The activities of dissemination of history and artistic culture in general;
  5. The promotion, development and production of exhibitions, research, publications and activities that contribute to a better understanding and sensitivity towards public art and heritage;
  6. Research, documentation, conservation, restoration and promotion of tangible and intangible heritage of Sitges;
  7. The promotion and strengthening of coordination between the different heritage institutions of Sitges (museums, archives, library, etc.);
  8. Any other in this area that can be assigned to the institutions of the heritage association;
  9. All who are directly or indirectly related to the purposes above.

The governing bodies and management of CPS are integrated by the General Council, the Executive Committee, the President, the Vice-Director and Management, whose responsibilities are set by the Statutes of CPS.