26 July 20 h

18.30pm Spanish - 20pm Catalan

Duration: 1.15h


20 €

Pairing of aromes and wines at the Palau de Maricel

The olfactory tour at Palau Maricel is a chance to discover the different spaces of the Palau through aromas. The Palace has three olfactory axes: the smell of the sea, the smell of the earth and the smell of the sky, but which intersect with the smell of luxury, the flowers of the Mediterranean or the mystique of its chapel, composing truly a symphony of perfumes that awakens emotions linked to our olfactory memory and the history of the Palace itself.

By Irene Gisbert, anthropologist and perfumer.

Recommended age from 18 years.




Temps de Flors Sumarroca
Reserva Brut Sumarroca
Terral Sumarroca