3 August 18 h
4 €

Workshop for the family: Picasso’s blues and Rusiñol’s blues

On entering Cau Ferrat, the first thing you see is the blue of the walls, deep and bright, but also dark and sad like the blues that Picasso painted after the death of his best friend painter Carles Casagemes, also a friend of Santiago Rusiñol.

Picasso filled the canvases of his blue period with different shades of blue.

Using navy blue, ultramarine, sky blue and other colours we will paint works by Santiago Rusiñol blue, like Little Girl With Carnation, The Gypsy Woman of the Albaicín and Portrait of Carles Mani. Rusiñol’s paintings in Picasso’s blue period.

Recommended age from 5 to 12 years old.