8 July 19 h

Catalan, Spanish and English.

12 €

Guided tour: Contemporary art night

(From Carrer d’en Bosc to the terraces)

Carrer d’en Bosc, at the heart of the old town, is a closely guarded Sitges jewel, shaped over the centuries by many generations of the town’s residents. Housed behind the walls of some of the buildings that exude all the dignity that only history can give is one of the country’s most important international contemporary art collections: the Stämpfli Foundation, created by Swiss artist Peter Stämpfli and his wife Anna Maria.

Visitors will discover the people and the events behind a very important part of the great small history of this street, and feel the contrast between the personality of the outside and the modernity of the interior, culminating on the terrace of the Foundation, where, under a mantle of stars, a 360º-experience of Sitges awaits.




Cava Cygnus Giennach