Two paintings from the early nineteenth century from the Maricel Museum recover their original state

Those are two anonymous Italians that are part of the Collection of Dr. Pérez Rosales

The Restoration Service of the Sitges Heritage Consortium has restored two drawings dating from 1810, made by an Italian anonymous artist and part of the Collection of Dr. Jesús Pérez - Roses of the Museu Maricel. These are two works that needed an urgent action to improve their condition and guarantee their correct conservation.

Both works are cataloged as Girl with amphora and Allegory at the theater and are made with charcoal, watercolor and gouache pencil on paper and corresponding frames. They are currently on the first floor of Museu Maricel.

The works had suffered losses, dirt, oxidation and acidity, while the frames were also affected by an attack of insects and dust, among other pathologies. The task of the technicians of the Consortium consisted of a cleaning of the obverse and the reverse with paletina and aspiration of low suction, washing, swelling, laundering, disintegration and pictorial reintegration. In addition, a paspartú was assembled and a ph neutre cast  holding the work with acetate corners, reinforcing the preservation of the works. The frames have also been subjected to mechanical cleaning and disinfection.

Both works have considerably improved their status and, in addition, they have guaranteed their future conservation as two pieces that make up the valuable Collection of Dr. Jesús Pérez - Rosales, who, together with the Vila or City Collection, constitute the axes of Museu Maricel.