Sitgestiu schedules more than 60 cultural proposals for the months of July and August

The program is centered on opera, classical music, jazz, heritage routes, sunset at Maricel, exhibitions and children's workshops

The cultural proposal of Sitges Museums and the Council of Culture of the City Council of Sitges for the months of July and August presents more than 60 activities grouped into the double initiative of Sitgestiu: Cultural (which includes exhibitions, children's workshops, guided tours and nights under the moon at Maricel) and Musical (which features opera, jazz and classics). The program begins this weekend and will fill the cultural agenda of Sitges until the end of August.

Sitgestiu is a summertime classic of Sitges and acts to bundle cultural activities aimed at both tourists, visitors and the local and regional public. Last year, Sitgestiu was structured in two areas: the Cultural and the Musical areas, which were endowed with the new cycle of music at the Racó de la Calma programmed by the Cultural area, taking advantage of the winners in the modalities of singing and chamber music of the Mirabent Magrans Contest.

Maricel as the spotlight 2018 Sitgestiu follows the same line started last year, with the aim of offering a full range of proposals for a diverse public. This year, it incorporates a new and awaited activity: Nights under the moon at Maricel, which invites us to rediscover the whole of Maricel (both Mar and Terra) during the two full moon nights of July (Saturday 28) and August (Saturday 25), with a visit to spaces only visited occasionally This activity is framed in the celebration of the centenary of Maricel. At the same time, the Sitgestiu also program visits to the Maricel Palace, every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of July and August.

Opera in paradise. Lyrical music returns to be the protagonist in Sitgestiu. And it makes it with several new features. On the one hand, the premiere of space for Friday's weekly sessions, which will be held at Cau Ferrat, since the ground floor of the Maricel Museum, where shows have been held in recent years, is ceded to the exhibition by Gustau Violet. Sundays at night there is also an opera, in this case at the Palau de Maricel, with two functions that will have four performances each: Madame Butterfly (15th and 22nd of July and 12th and 19th of August) and Carmen (8th and 29th of July and 5th and 26th of August).

Classical Music at the Racó de la Calma . The singing and chamber recitals at the Racó de la Calma were one of the great novelties in the Sitgestiu program last year. This year, they return to the scene and also have as protagonists the excellent musicians who obtained the first positions in the Mirabent Magrans Contest, held last June at the Casino Prado. The baritone Hao Tian and the soprano Yeajin Jeon inaugurate the cycle on Thursday, July 12, which will also feature the Quarteto Ophir (July 26), the Duo Piccotti - Puig (August 2), the Trio Doyenne (August 9) and the tenor Antoni Lliteres (August 16).

Tuesday's jazz. Just like the Friday's opera sessions, this year’ jam sessions will be held at Cau Ferrat. Every Tuesday, the Retrio 2/3 group will offer musical compositions that are part of the popular culture of Sitges and of Catalonia with a jazz rhythm i swing

Children's workshops. Children also have their space in Sitgestiu. On Wednesdays between July 11 and August 15, we have programmed two educational workshops: Toca terrissa (July 11, 18 and 25), where children will be sculptors, inspired by Gustau Violet, and Town Festival in Dance (1, 8 and 15 August). Both workshops are aimed at children between 5 and 12 years of age and are complemented by optional visits to museums.

Exhibitions. The exhibitions organized by Museums of Sitges and the Council of Culture this summer also integrate the program of Sitgestiu. The sculptor Gustau Violet: Art, Thought and Territory (Maricel Museum), Permanent Collection (Stämpfli Foundation), Illustrated Sitges (Miramar Cultural Center) and Pierre Tchetverikoff (Cultural Center Miramar) are the four art proposals this summer.

Tickets for all activities can be purchased at the museum reception and through the web:

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