The new technological possibilities to connect with users are the main star in International Museum Day

The Museums of Sitges once again commemorate the event with an open day, night guided tours, a choral concert, a conference and a family treasure hunt

The Museums of Sitges released their first mobile application for Easter. Since then, hundreds of users have already downloaded it to complement their visits to the Maricel Museum and the Cau Ferrat or to interact with various extra contents of Museums de Sitges anywhere in the world.

The virtual connection between museum centers and their visitors is a prevailing reality that the Museums of Sitges did not want to ignore and, precisely, now inspires the edition of this year's International Museum Day. Under the title Hyperconnected Museums: new approaches, new audiences , the 41st edition of this commemoration aims to recognize the links -and, especially, digital links- that museums establish with their community, with their cultural landscape and with their natural surroundings

Without a doubt, the implementation of new technologies has helped museums around the world to reach beyond their usual audience and to present their collections in a different and innovative way. And this has ended up translating into the attraction of new audiences and, or more importantly, in overcoming the traditional limitations of time and space.

The theme of this year's International Museum Day focuses on the opportunity museums have to look for new approaches and new audiences through the analysis, consolidation and creation of connections. A factor that goes beyond the virtual cloud and that also has an impact on its immediate environments, be it working with the local community or developing collaborative projects with its associative network.

The Museums of Sitges add another year to the event organizing an open day, guided night tours in the awaited Night of the Museums, a concert by the choir Sitges Canta !, a conference on the figure of Charles Deering and a family treasure hunt in the framework of a visit to the Maricel Museum. All the activities will take place between Friday 18 and Sunday 20 of May.

International Museum Day is organized by the International Council of Museums and, since 1977, is celebrated annually on May 18. The intention of the event is to make citizens aware of the role of museums in the development of societies. Catalonia is participating every year with the 624 museums and the 397 art collections open to the public in the whole country.

Special program of the International Museum Day