The Museums of Sitges opens doors to sketching

The drawing sessions are complemented by a guided visit to the Mapfre Foundation exhibition at the Maricel Museum

Drawing is the leading role at the Museums of Sitges this spring, thanks to the exhibition "Del Modernisme a les Avantguardes". Drawings from the Mapfre Foundation collection, which brings together at the Maricel Museum 47 works by modern masters of modern art. On the occasion of this exhibition, Museums of Sitges invites sketchers to draw the Maricel Museum and the hosted exhibition, the Cau Ferrat and the Maricel Palace. Yesterday, the first session was held, in which different sketchers showed their talents surrounded by the Santiago Rusiñol collection.

Urban Sketching is the practice of direct drawing of reality. It is an activity that is usually done in groups, with other sketchers, and then the drawings are shared on social networks. The first session was yesterday, Sunday, April 7th at the Cau Ferrat Museum, and the next ones will be Sunday 12th of May at the Maricel Palace and Sunday 2nd of June at the Maricel Museum. The activity also includes a guided tour of the exhibition Del Modernisme a les Avantguardes. Drawings from the Mapfre Foundation collection, which is held at 10 a.m, before the sketching sessions, which are from 11:30 a.m. to 13:00 p.m.

This activity is only for members of the Urban Sketchers Association (USk), an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the practice of drawing on the street. In principle, there are twenty places for each visit, but according to the volume of people interested, it will be appreciated to slot sessions other days to be able to accommodate everyone. To participate, you must fill out the following form, specifying the date chosen: .

Sketching sessions is one of the parallel activities included in the exhibition "Del Modernisme a les Avantguardes". Drawings from the Mapfre Foundation collection . In addition, there are other scheduled activities, such as guided tours every Tuesday (at 3pm, in English, 4pm in Spanish, 5pm in Catalan); a cultural event at the MNAC to get to know the collection of the Drawings and Engravings Office, a session of the Piece of the Month dedicated to a drawing by Picasso or the two drawing workshops held this weekend on the occasion of the Art Fair.


Sketching sessions

April 7 (Cau Ferrat) Museum

May 12 (Maricel Palace)

June 2 (Maricel Museum)

10am to 1pm


Sesiones de Sketching

7 de abril (Museu del Cau Ferrat)

12 de mayo (Palau de Maricel)

2 de junio (Museu de Maricel)

De 10h a 13h