The Museums of Sitges appear prominently in the first promotional video of the year

Sitges also appears through various patrimonial elements and events in the holiday calendar

The cultural activities of Sitges and, in particular, the Museums of Sitges focus much of the content of the first promotional video of 2019. The video, produced to wish a good new year to the users of social networks, takes a snap picture of natural landscapes, the heritage catalog and the festivities of the different counties in the province of Barcelona-

In the specific case of the Museums, the video portrays its outward appearance thanks to a panoramic view of the new seafront in Sitges, updated since the reopening of Cau Ferrat and the Maricel Museums at the end of 2014, and you can also view the interior of the Cau Ferrat and the Golden Hall of the Maricel Palace. In addition, the usual guided visits to the Maricel Palace also appear.

The video  brings together in a very Sitgetan  way - in little more than two minutes - a panoramic view from the Punta, Carrer d'en Bosc and Cap de la Vila, to Corpus, Rally and the Town Festivity. All this, without forgetting breakwaters, art galleries, the Tango Festival, the Tapa a Tapa or the Wine Show. The final section offers a magnificent view of the firework set piece from the iconic beach of San Sebastià.