Four pieces from the Lola Anglada Collection of Dolls enter the restoration workshop

The restoration is carried out jointly with the Documentation Center and Textile Museum of Terrassa

Four pieces from the Lola Anglada Collection of Dolls have entered the Sitges Heritage Consortium workshop to undergo a restoration process. The initiative is carried out in parallel between the restoration workshop of the Museums of Sitges -whic acts on the bodies of the dolls- and the Documentation Center and Textile Museum of Terrassa- where work is being carried out on the recovery of the wardrobe.

The restoration process of the four dolls is part of an integral improvement and recovery of the collection, one of the central axes of the Romantic Museum. Three of the four dolls are from the second half of the 19th century (two of them made in Paris and another in Thuringia), while the fourth dates from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and come from Italy.

In all four cases the dolls had organic dirt accumulated over time in the head and hands. In addition, in three cases they also suffered loss of support, some fissures and disappearance of polychrome. The action, directed by the restorer Pep Pascual, involves the removal of the added metal elements, the integral cleaning, the varnishing of the painting layer, the consolidation of the polychrome and the reintegration of the supports. The cleaning of the pieces is carried out using swabs, with distilled water and neutral soap.

The Lola Anglada Collection of Dolls exceeds 400 pieces belonging to a variety of styles, manufactures and periods between the 17th and 19th centuries. For the writer, painter and illustrator Lola Anglada (Barcelona, 1892 - Tiana, 1964), this collection represented the sentimental eagerness to recover childhood and the lost way of life of the nineteenth century. The collection was acquired by the Barcelona Provincial Government in 1961, and then was donated to the Romantic Museum.

At the same time, the Romantic Museum - Can Llopis has started the countdown process for reopening, a program for the second half of 2020. On 9 May, the General Council of the Heritage Council of Sitges approved a chapter of 655,000 euros for the process of air conditioning of the building, dated from the end of the 17th century. This restoration will be completed with a repair of the cornices, the restoration of the porches, the improvement of the electrical system and the installation of a lift.