The Cau Ferrat and the Maricel Museum obtain the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor

The award rewards a "constant quality attention" to its visitors

The users of TripAdvisor awarded the Cau Ferrat Museum and the Maricel Museum with the Certificate of Excellence from  this social platform. The wordwide award, created in 2010, is only granted to those institutions or companies that, during the previous year, "have received good opinions in a systematic way" by TripAdvisor travelers. The aim of the company is to distinguish those services from all over the world that provide "constant quality care" to its visitors. 

The winners of the Certificate of Excellence are chosen based on the same content generated by the users of this network. Here you will find both the scores and the quantity and frequency of the published opinions. Some of the requirements are to keep a score of at least four out of five stars, meet a minimum of one hundred opinions and have a profile more than one year old. 

TripAdvisor is a social platform born in the United States that provides reviews and discussion forums related to travel and hospitality sectors. The services on its website are totally free and the same users generate the majority of the content that they share.