Can Falç opens as a summer museum store

La Puntual offers merchandising products inspired in emblematic works of museums, while explaining all secrets that they hide

Can Falç opens its doors as of today until next August 31 with a proposal that adds to the cultural program of the summer of the Museums of Sitges. The ground floor of the emblematic building located in Passeig de la Ribera will host the Museum's summer store sharing an experience where visitors, as well are having the opportunity to acquire merchandising products with images of our own Collections, they will be able to know the stories that accompany some of the most important works of our heritage.

Between July 27 and August 31, La Puntual -name inspired by the haberdashery described by Santiago Rusiñol inL'auca del Senyor Esteve, a novel  which 2017 marks the centenary of its theatrical adaptation, opens a second store in Can Falç. This is an ephemeral establishment, which aims to bring heritage to visitors that arrive to the city during the summer season, to contribute to the dissemination and knowledge of the works and to bring some activity to Can Falç before it becomes a new museum and heritage centrer for Sitges, in 2019.

The Puntual d'estiu is apop up, that is to say, an ephemeral establishment that takes advantage of the opportunity that offers a Can Falç that has already rehabilitated the ground floor. The store offers the opportunity to acquire merchandising products of Museums of Sitges, as it can be done in the own store installed in Can Rocamora, at the beginning of the visit to the Cau Ferrat and the Maricel Museum.

As if it were a haberdashery, La Puntual d'estiu offers visitors the possibility of stretching the threads. When they do. they find that appear images of nine works of the Cau Ferrat, the Maricel Museum and Maricel Palace that contain different stories. These are four oils from Ramon Casas (Ballet at Moulin de la Galette, Nu amb guitarra, Carro amb vuit mules de tir. Rusiñol dalt d’un llum de fero forjat), one from Rusiñol (La nena de la clavellina) and two By Joaquim de Miró (La Punta de SitgesandLa recol·leció de la malvasia), as well as two collections of tile.

This initiative is the first one that houses Can Falç as a new space incorporated into the management of the Sitges Heritage Consortium, which adds to existing ones: the Cau Ferrat, Maricel and Romàntic museums - Can Llopis, the Maricel Palace and the Stämpfli Foundation - Contemporary Art. Can Falç was ceded two years ago to the Consortium by the Diputació and is currently subject to a reform and adaptation to become a museum that shows the life, habits and customs of the seafaring and agricultural world of Sitges. The first phase of the reform has allowed to adapt the ground floor, which is where La Puntual d'estiu has been installed.

The works from Museums of Sitges that asre starring La Puntual of summer:

Carro amb vuit mules de tir
Ramon Casas i Carbó / maig-juliol 1889
Museu del Cau Ferrat 

Ball al Moulin de la Galette
Ramon Casas i Carbó / París, hivern 1890-1891
Museu del Cau Ferrat 

Rajoles valencianes inspirades en  motius culinaris i populars
Can Rocamora 

Rusiñol dalt d'un llum de ferro forjat
Ramon Casas i Carbó / Barcelona, 1893
Museu del Cau Ferrat 

La nena de la clavellina
Santiago Rusiñol i Prats / Sitges, 1893
Museu del Cau Ferrat 

Nu amb guitarra
Ramon Casas i Carbó / 1894
Museu del Cau Ferrat 

La recol·lecció de la malvasia
Joaquim de Miró i Argenter / Sitges, 1895
Museu de Maricel 

La Punta de Sitges
Joaquim de Miró i Argenter / Sitges, 1895
Museu del Cau Ferrat 

Rajola blava
Palau de Maricel