Let's make a carpet at home!, Santiago Rusiñol recovers his Bouquet,The Dancing Egg

 1.- Corpus Workshop: Let's make a carpet at home!

 This year we have to live our festivities in a different way, which does not mean with less intensity. For this reason, we have prepared a very entertaining workshop for you, and it's to make a corpus carpet from home, step by step.

Make a very original design; we would love it if you could share with us your carpet with items you already have at home, you do not need flowers like the Corpus Christi ones.


2.- Santiago Rusiñol recovers his Bouquet

Saturday, June 13, from 10 to 2

San Sebastian beach

To celebrate the 89th anniversary of the death of Santiago Rusiñol, anyone from the Women's Association of the All Year Round Bouquet can join us. Just come with a carnation. We are waiting for you on Saturday at the monument dedicated to the Master of Cau Ferrat.

Together we will celebrate that after these three months of confinement, we can bring flowers to Santiago Rusiñol again.

More information: 93.894.03.64 ext.1 or in Museum.

With the collaboration MIRAMAR by Bar Rusiñol


3.- The Dancing Egg

Sunday, June 14, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Entrance courtyard of the Maricel Palace

 The most common interpretation of "the Dancing Egg" is that the Egg represents the Eucharist, and the water and chalice would be the blood and vessel of Christ, in a clear allusion to the Catholic festivity of Corpus Christi. The tradition seems that originated at the Barcelona Cathedral.

Other interpretations point to the representation of the fullness of spring since both the Egg and the water or the abundance of flowers are symbolic interpretations of fertility and regeneration, typical of the spring in it's full vitality.

Over the years, the belief spread that if the Egg fell, it would be a bad year, but if it held up all day, it would be a good sign.

Either way, you can't miss the event that will make this Corpus so unique.