In times of confinement, our App brings you closer to the Museums of Sitges

The application is free and allows you to discover the collections from a distance

The new Sitges Museums application offers the opportunity to visit the Cau Ferrat and the Maricel Museum via mobile phone or computer, free of charge and available for both iPhone and Android.

This is a service of the Museums of Sitges that has a dual purpose: on one hand, the diffusion of the collections and services offered by the Cau Ferrat and the Maricel Museum, and on the other, free virtual support for live visits to both museums. 

The access, navigation and operation of the application are simple and adapted to all users. The initial screen is structured in different areas: Cau Ferrat, Maricel Museum, the Piece of the Month and the News. The access to both museums offers a quick 360-degree tour, featuring a selection of his most iconic works, with detailed information. It also offers a visit to the collections: in the case of the Maricel Museum, we have painting, sculpture, furniture and ceramics; and in the Cau Ferrat, there’s painting, sculpture, iron, glass, furniture and archaeology. The tours for both museums also feature a children's visit option, where children can discover the works by playing and from an educational perspective.

Themed tours

At the same time, the application offers two thematic tours: Sitges in the collections of the Maricel Museum and Santiago Rusiñol’s Soul Collection. In the first option, there are 23 pieces, ranging from Joaquim Espalter (Female Portrait, 1846) and authors of the Luminist School (Mas i Fondevila, Roig i Soler, Felipe Masó, Joaquim de Miró ...) to Alfred Sisquella (Nature died, 1932) and Pere Jou (Sitges allegory, 1954) right through Santiago Rusiñol (White Gallery, 1893, or El Malavida, 1892-93) or Ramon Casas (Portrait of Charles Deering, 1914).

On the other hand, the other path is the Soul Collection which responds to the aesthetic ideology and the life testament of Santiago Rusiñol and it includes 21 works, of which three are from the same artist (Montmartre Cemetery, 1891; The girl with the carnation, 1893 and the Portrait of the sculptor Carles Mani, 1895). All the rest are pieces that are part of his collection: the two paintings by El Greco, Picasso, Casas and collector's pieces, both wrought iron and antiques or a photo.

Download the version for mobile phones with Android OS

Download the version for mobile phones with iOS operating system