New exhibition:“The naked man. Stripping the archetypes of masculinity»

An exhibition to strip the archetypes of masculinity in art

• The Sala Rocamora of the Sitges Museums hosts “The naked man. Stripping the archetypes of masculinity" from July 11 to September 27.

• The exhibition offers a tour of the male nude in the collections of the museums of the Network of Local Museums of the Diputació de Barcelona.

The exhibition is curated by Fina Duran and Txema Romero. "The Naked Man" exhibits pieces from various periods, techniques and formats, grouped into eight areas: from Roman sculptures to contemporary video art installations, tohrough baroque altarpieces , nineteenth-century porcelain, modernista and noucentista sculptures, drawings and paintings, also graphic work, photographs, ex-libris, covers of records, comics or even perfumes.

The works on display correspond to some of the most outstanding Catalan artists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries: Marià Fortuny, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Ismael Smith, Josep de Togores, Marià Andreu, Josep Llimona, Manolo Hugué, Francesc Domingo, Antoni Vila Arrufat, Antoni Estruch, Joan Vilatobà, Joan Brull, Pere Prat Ubach, Carles Bacaflor, Francisco Torras i Armengol, Josep Rigol Fornaguera, Enric Cristòfol Ricart, Francesc Juventeny, Francesc Sitjar, Rafael Molins Marcet or Lola Anglada.

These pieces share space with creations by contemporary artists such as Antoni Miralda, Nazario Luque de Vera, Carlos Pazos, Francesca Llopis, Núria Güell, Mar C. Llop, Sebas Martín, Ivonne Navarro and Roberta Marrero, among others.

What does it mean to be a man in the 21st century

The sample asks what it means to be a men in the 21st century, from a diverse, egalitarian and intersectional perspective but avoiding binarism. The historical account reveals how from the 19th century onwards we begin to point out the change that will consolidate in the avant-gardes, which will break with the classical canon and represent the diversity of bodies, as well as identities and options. Throughout the 20th century, man became the object of desire and the arrival of cinema, comics, music, as well as the perfume and fashion industry, will build an image of masculinity more varied. The exhibition invites us to reflect on the current context, marked by the revival of the feminist movement and the new currents of deconstruction of sex and gender categories.

The starting point is the self-criticism of museums in which male nudes remain hidden in the drawers of the reserves, and in which women are relegated to being passive protagonists of hetero normative male fantasies. In this sense, the exhibition gathers data on the presence of men versus women in the museums participating in the choice of this exhibition, where the male nude represents 25.86% compared to the female, which is 74.14%, while the presence of women artists is inversely proportional with only 1.86% of works by women artists on display, compared to 98.14% by men.

New catalog for a sample of various collections.

Coinciding with the presentation at the Museums of Sitges, the catalog of the exhibition has been published with texts by its curators, the director of the Víctor Balaguer Museum Library, Mireia Rosich, and the professor of Art History, Maria Garganté, among others. The catalog is available at the Diputació de Barcelona Bookshop.

The exhibition is produced by the Department of Culture of the Diputació de Barcelona, together with the Museo de Arte de Cerdanyola (where it premiered in November last year) and the Museo Abelló de Mollet del Vallés. In addition to these two museums they have also collaborated giving pieces the following equipment: Badalona Museum, Hospitalet Museum, Sabadell Art Museum, Terrassa Museum, Victor Balaguer Museum Library, Thermalia - Caldes de Montbui and Vinseum Museum - Wine Cultures Museum of Catalonia.

«L’home nu» premiered at the Art Museum of Cerdanyola in November 2019 and Sitges is the second stop on its tour, it will soon visit the Abelló Museum in Mollet del Vallès and other places of the Local Museum Network.

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