Miquel Villà. Painting without chanc

29 May 2021 to 26 September 2021
Museu de Maricel

The work of Miquel Villà (Barcelona, 1901 - El Masnou, 1988) is one of the most personal ones in 20th century Catalan art. From very early on, it became worthy of the critics’ attention due to its independence and its originality. His structured painting with compact masses, the dense brushstroke and his taste for the subject and the colour make it particularly well esteemed by those who defend figurative art as well as avant-gardism.

El Masnou, where he had family roots, Eivissa (or Ibiza), La Pobla de Segur and Altea were to become his favourite landscapes. As well as South America, in particular Colombia, Argentina and Venezuela, where he used to spend long periods for many years. It is the cartography of a tireless traveller and, at the same time, of a painter who requires time to paint a single place and to make it completely his.

Villà’s painting is an exercise in synthesis, a search for what is primordial in nature, by means of a laborious task of observation to be able to achieve the essential shapes and colours.

From May 29 to September 26, 2021.

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June 26 / August 21 / September 18

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Paisatge, cap a 1937. Museu de Maricel, Sitges. Dipòsit del Fons  d’Art de la Generalitat de Catalunya, 2014