Say I do at the Maricel Palace in Sitges

Monday 15 March 2021 - 12:00

The Registrations for weddings will begin.

The Maricel Palace resumes post-Covid activity as a venue for official civil weddings. After months closed by the regulations against the pandemic, the Saló d'Or will open for such memorable event from May. The Palace will once again be the place where so many confidences, desires and future projects are shared between the bride and groom who want to give significance and share their feelings with their loved ones. In the hands of an official member of the local council, the official ceremony will take place at the Saló d'Or and last about 20 minutes.

Previously, the couples will be required to start the civil registry's marriage file process wherever they are officially registered and end the procedure in the Sitges Court.

Registered and non-registered people in Sitges will be able to book their date by filling in a form and attaching a photocopy of their DNI/NIE/Passport nr. Later, with the confirmation of the chosen date, they will have to forward a cash advance as a reservation of their request. At the moment, weddings will be more intimate due to the limited capacity. Following Covid regulations, we'll strictly adhere to social distance, hydrogel, 50% limit of attendants, ventilation and disinfection. The limit is of up to 25 people, counting bride, groom and guests who will access the Saló d'Or, as long as the restrictions do not change.

 You will find the form to fill out, but we advise you to check the dates available in advance. For any related queries, you can contact us by email: or by phone at 667 992 458.