'La Bohème', de Giacomo Puccini

Sunday 12 July 2015 - 20:00

Join in: Charo Picazo (Mimí), Soledad Cardoso (Musetta), Facundo Muñoz (Rodolfo), Jorge Tello (Marcello), Joan Sebastià Colomer (Schaunard), Ulises Ordúñez (Colline), Bartolomé Fernández (Alcindoro) and Elke Sanjosé (pianist)

Place: Palau de Maricel (Fonollar, s/n)

Price: 20 euros

Description: Poverty and cold does not prevent bohemians Rodolfo (poet), Marcello (painter), Colline (philosopher) and Schaunard (musician) to enjoy life in Paris. The love affair of Marcello and Musetta, especially Rodolfo with her neighbor Mimi, will make harsh reality breaks into their lives and end a youth that will no longer return.. It was the favorite opera of Santiago Rusiñol (1861-1931), who, accompanied by Ramon Casas and Miquel Utrillo, experienced the bohemian live of Montmartre between 1889 and 1893.