Guided tour around Cau Ferrat Museum, Maricel Museum and exhibition ‘Centenari Maricel (1918-2018)’

Wednesday 21 November 2018 - 15:00 to Saturday 23 February 2019 - 15:00
Dates: Every week, from Wednesday to Saturday (including holidays).
Venue: Cau Ferrat and Maricel Museum. Until February 23, it also includes the exhibition ‘Centenari Maricel (1918-2018)’.
Timetable: At 2.30pm (in English), at 3pm (in Spanish) and at 3.30pm (in Catalan).
Price: 10€ (general), 7€ (youth 13 to 16 years, students under 25 and Youth Card holders), 5€ (retired or unemployed), free (children under 13 years).
Reservation: 93 894 03 64 (extension 1) and It’s not necessary, but the capacity is limited.
Description: The guided tour of Cau Ferrat shows us what was the home-workshop of Santiago Rusiñol and, from this, we discover the most important facts of his life, both from the human and artistic point of view: the confrontation of the artist with the industrial bourgeoisie of the time, the bohemian painters of Catalonia in Paris in the late nineteenth century, the role of Rusiñol cultural agitator, the Modernist Parties, the concept of Total Art, the impact of the " Impressionism in Catalan painting and the figures of artists such as Ramon Casas, Darío de Regoyos, Miquel Utrillo, Enric Clarasó, Manuel de Falla, Erik Satie, Enric Morera, Alexandre de Riquer, Picasso ... For his part, the visit Guided by the Maricel Museum, check out all the ancient art: Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque. Modern Art: Romanticism, Realism, Modernism, Noucentisme, Avantguardes, Figuration, 20th Century. He also explains the history of the Maricel Museum from the construction of the Hospital de Sant Joan in the 15th century to the creation of the current museum, through the foundation of the Maricel set by Charles Deering, art lessons from the donation of Dr. Jesús Pérez Rosales.
*In case of open day, the visits are suspended.