The Art of the Museums of Sitges, available to all to the video game OWW.IO

Wednesday 26 May 2021 - 15:30

Today you will find a new initiative to raise awareness of the Museums of Sitges and its Art worldwide.

The museum team has collaborated with the company Stiki Pixels, which is developing the free video game "Occupy White Walls", to incorporate two hundred works copyright free. The Sitges collections have now opened parallel headquarters. It will be possible to develop all sorts of activities, with a worldwide public explicitly interested in art and exhibitions.

The Sitges Museums are the second museum institution in the world to be involved in this project, after the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, which opened its parallel headquarters within the game last November.

OWW is a sandbox, a kind of Minecraft for adults, where players can build their own museum or showroom, with thousands of different architectural elements to combine all styles.

With the benefit of AI's, personified in the character of a curator named Daisy, everyone discovers Artwork from around the world and collects it, and shows it in exhibitions that can be visited by other players or recorded with a spectacular resolution with visual and light effects. There are currently around 8,000 finished exhibits. Each player can build its discourse through a dialogue between the objects and the exhibitions. This game democratizes the mediations of curators and museologists.

Among the 85,000 registered players are many artists, especially digital ones and art lovers, who can hang their works and mount hyper-realistic virtual exhibitions by combining them with those of the great masters of painting.

The Museums of Sitges have created their parallel headquarters, reproducing the actual spaces with elements of the game and the 200 works of art they contain, from which can offer all kinds of contents and activities.

On June, there's going to be a competition; this will consist of creating an exhibition that has to show at least 15 works from the Sitges Museums. An expert jury will decide which display is the most innovative, and the winners will receive both virtual and real awards.

In exchange for access to the images and metadata, provided by Artwork free of copyright, released from the project Google Art Project, Stik Pixels has translated the interface game in Catalan, which has become the sixteenth game language on March 10. The initial tutorial explains how to play and will design and implement architectural modules inspired by the Cau Ferrat, the whole of Maricel, and the Can Llopis Romantic Museum.

The game can be a spectacular teaching tool for all levels of education and opens another door for all those who, due to restrictions, would like to come and visit us but still can not. The players who have already seen the parallel headquarters express their surprise and desire to visit the actual base whenever possible, given the present restrictions.

You can see the works available in the game, the uses they have already had and the comments made by the public at: 6 / museus-de-sitges