'Terramar' magazine regains life thanks to a facsimile edition

The magazine was published by the City Council and the Heritage Consortium on the occasion of the centenary of Terramar

Terramar magazine– Biweekly publication about arts, letters and sports, which was published between 1919 and 21, regained life thanks to a facsimile edition published by the Department of Culture of the City Council of Sitges and the Heritage Consortium. The book is on sale at the Sitges Museums shop (and other bookshops, both local and in the rest of the country) and has been published on the occasion of the centenary of the Terramar Garden City, which is commemorated in 2019.

Terramar - Biweekly publication about arts, letters and sports was the first of the three magazines promoted by the cultural promoter Josep Carbonell i Gener in the Sitges of the 1920s. The other two were Monitor (1921-23) and L'Amic de les Arts (1926-29), a cultural reference for Noucentisme and Avant-gard.

The facsimile edition of Terramar reproduces the publication completely, as it was edited, both in the format and in the design and contents. The edition has been in charge of Andana, which has already made other editions of facsimile Catalan publications as l’Amic de les Arts or Hèlix.

The pages of Terramar feature authors such as J. Foix, Joan Salvat Papasseit, Josep Carner, Eugeni d'Ors, Alexandra Plana, Josep Maria López-Picó, Paul Dermée ... There are also works by Josep Obiols, Enric Cristòfol Ricart, Xavier Nogues, Enric Casanovas, Jaume Guàrdia, and Magí A. Cassanyes .

Terramar – Biweekly publication about arts, letters and sports was published to promote the development of Terramar City Garden, the innovative project promoted by industrial Francesc Armengol that would end marking the future of Sitges as a town associated with quality. The magazine discusses urban planning, literature, art, sports, philosophy. The declaration of principles appeared in its first issue (May 18, 1919) and is quite eloquent: to publish "in Sitges a magazine that takes care of the letters and the arts and promotes the embellishment and growth of our town "(...). "We try to make Terramar one of the best publications in Catalonia. A magazine dedicated to Catalan poets and prose writers and to their review – those of the past generations, the current ones and the first fruits of the youngest ones and also the work of foreigners·.