Guided tours to the Parish will be concentrated from May to October

The itinerary proposes an artistic journey from the Romanesque period to the Noucentisme and ends with a climb to the bell tower

Sitges Museums have already announced the dates of guided visits to the Sitges Parish next year. The sessions will be held on Saturday, but the main novelty is that they will be concentrated between the months of May and October. The objective is to take advantage of the period with the highest influx of visitors, which coincides with the Sitgestiu Musical and with the time of the year in which the days are longer and, therefore, allow to enjoy spectacular sunsets from the bell tower of the church.

Guided tours to the Parish of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla have been taking place during the last four years and the average attendance per session is about 10 people. Such figures help that, at the end of the year, the influx reaches one hundred visitors. The normal price is 5 euros, while the reduced (for retirees and university students) is 2.50. In addition, children under 12 can enjoy free admission.

The itinerary proposes a journey from Romanesque to Noucentisme through the history of Catalan art. A tour that begins outside the temple - with explanations about the history of the Baluard (Knoll), the Frigate, the first knights, the vegueries and the transformations of the building - and continues inside with a walk through the sarcophagi, the credentials and the set of baroque altarpieces.

The arrival at the first floor allows you to discover one of the best collections of sacred art in the country, thanks to the Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque images that are part of the collection of Dr. Jesús Pérez-Rosales. And, finally, the ascent to the bell tower offers spectacular views of Sitges and the Catalan Mediterranean from the highest point of the Punta.

Calendar of visits of 2018 
Saturday 12th of May, at 8:30pm 
Saturday 9th of June, at 8:30pm 
Saturday 7th of July, at 9pm 
Saturday 11th of August, at 9pm 
Saturday 1st of September, at 8:30pm 
Saturday, 6th pf October, at 5:30pm