An exhibition commemorates the 125 years of existance of Cau Ferrat

The exhibition puts in context the relevant role developed by this space since its creation by Santiago Rusiñol, in 1894

125 years ago, Santiago Rusiñol inaugurated Cau Ferrat, his studio-workshop in Sitges, which would become the epicenter of Modernisme and one of the main cultural spots of Catalonia in the late nineteenth century. And becoming a public museum in 1933, when Rusiñol arrived at the town of Sitges, Cau Ferrat remains one of the main windows of Modernism, as well as the stage that houses the important collection that the artist brought together. On the occasion of this event, Museos de Sitges organizes an exhibition - curated by Ignasi Domènech, head of collections of Sitges Museums - which tells the decisive role that Cau had between its inauguration, in 1894, and its Conversion in public museum, forty years later.

125 years of Cau Ferratperforms a portrait of a crucial space to understand Modernism in Catalonia. The exhibition presents 175 pieces between paintings, drawings, manuscript material, publications, plans, pieces of ceramics, glass or wrought iron. The exhibition presents some documents that have not previously been publicly displayed.

A substantial part of the exhinited material is part of Cau Ferrat's collection, but there are also parts loaned by the National Art Museum of Catalonia, the Sabadell Museum of Art, the Amatller Institute of Hispanic Art, the Library - Archive of National Workforce Development, the Excursionist Center, the College of Architects of Catalonia, the Photographic Archive of Barcelona or private collections. The exhibition also features pieces from the Maricel Museum and the Santiago Rusiñol Library.

Santiago Rusiñol devised the Cau Ferrat as a study where he would devise some of his paintings, where he would collect and exhibit his important art collection, and where he would organize festivals and artistic and musical meetings with a remarkable impact on the cultural ecosystem of the time In 1931, when he died in Aranjuez, Rusiñol donated Cau Ferrat in the town of Sitges. Two years later, it would be inaugurated as a public museum, under the umbrella of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Exhibition125 years of Cau Ferrat
Place: Museu de Maricel and Cau Ferrat
Dates: From November 27, 2019 to February 16, 2020
Commissioner: Ignasi Domènech