With the incorporation of a new building, it goes from 300 square meters to the current 800

The new facilities of the Stämpfli Foundation are ready. Last Saturday, the couple formed by Pere and Anna Maria offered an open session to show the result of the work of enlargement, which allowed to move from the 300 square meters that had so far, to the 800 square meters now, which has won...Seguir llegint >>

The project looks for the conceptual and historical unit of the whole Maricel group and plans to solve the problems of antiquity that have deteriorated the building for more than 100 years

The mayor of Sitges, Miquel Forns, presented the project for the integral reform of Palau Maricel this Sunday in the framework of the celebration of the Heritage Days and coinciding with the centenary of Maricel, works that could begin from next December and end in just over a year. The reform...Seguir llegint >>

The sessions are open to the children of any educational center and enhance the artistic heritage of the city

The artistic heritage of Sitges brings more informative approaches to children at home through the family sessions that take place at Escola Pia. The management and the association of parents of the center, in collaboration with the Department of Education of the Museums of Sitges, have already...Seguir llegint >>

The exhibitions present works of art and illustrations on the two fictional figures

The Museums of Sitges join the Festival of Cinema with two exhibitions that are welcomed in their facilities. The name of the exhibitions is Homage to Pepe Carvalho, in the exhibition hall of Can Rocamora, and Frankenstein Lives: 21 new insights on the creature of Mary Shelley...Seguir llegint >>

‘Picador’, de Miquel Oslé
We are talking about two pieces that can be seen in the exhibition of Violet in Maricel

The exhibition about the Rossellonian sculptor Gustau Violet organized by Museums of Sitges has allowed to incorporate two interesting sculptures to the funds of Maricel Museum. This is a bust made by the same Violet and a figure of his disciple, the sculptor Miquel Oslé. Both can be seen...Seguir llegint >>

The planned activities will also allow you to discover the new space of the Stämpfli Foundation or the acts of the first International Symposium on Noucentisme

The European Heritage Days are back as every October and, once again, Sitges Museums are added with a lot of activities. Within the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, this year's commemoration aims to "raise awareness among the population about European history and values,...Seguir llegint >>

The visits to the Palau de Maricel are the most requested activity

The Sitgestiu 2018 has brought together 3,408 visitors to ther sixty cultural proposals programmed during the months of July and August at Cau Ferrat, Mseu de Marice, Palau Maricel and the Racó de la Calma, which have been the four stages of the activities. To this amount, we must add visitors...Seguir llegint >>

The artistic trade in the 19th century, the bindings, the Sorigué and La Fontana collections and the profiles of Deering, Cabot, Regordosa and Oleguer Junyent will be the focus of subjects

The seventh  Art Market, Collecting and Museums Day, organized by the Sitges Heritage Consortium and the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​will be held at the Palau de Maricel on Friday October 26 with a program that will address different studies that go from Charles Deering to collecting...Seguir llegint >>

The repair allowed to recover latticework and the rebuilding of the jardiniere

The repair works of the railing of the Palau de Maricel have already been completed and the terraces are again open for guided tours. Last week the scaffold was removed, which accompanied the realization of the work and allowed to free the façade of the Maricel  deTerra and the bridge that...Seguir llegint >>

You can find merchandising, decoration and writing products

La Puntual - the Sitges Museum Store - has opened two branches this summer in Can Falç and the Terramar Gardens, coinciding in this case with the festival. In both cases, the spaces offer merchandising, decoration and writing products made from images of works from the collections of the...Seguir llegint >>