La Traviata, de Giuseppe Verdi

Sunday 30 August 2015 - 20:00

Join in: Ximena Agurto (Violetta Valery), Facundo Muñoz (Alfredo Germont), Joan Sebastià Colomer and Jorge Tello (Giorgio Germont), Amàlia Medina (Flora Bervoix), Lucas Groppo (Barone Douphol - Dottor Grenvil), Ezequiel Casamada (Gastone) i Elke Sanjosé (pianista)

Place: Palau de Maricel (Fonollar, s/n)

Price: 20 euros 

Reserves: 00 34 93 894 03 64

Description: La Traviata suffered rejection and ridicule by the public in Venice on March 6, 1853, when the work was released. Among other reasons, the candent sheerness of the subject, the required search of complicity with Violetta Valéry, a high class  prostitute, and the discomfort of many illustrious spectators when they watched their own faces in La Traviata’s mirror. Today, the opera is represented everywhere. Also here in Sitges. Years have passed, many years. The mirror is now fogged.