The Stämpfli Foundation receives four works by Michel Tyszblat and one by Hugh Weiss

'Ebrar', by Tyszblat, stars at the Piece of the Month

The extension of the Stämpfli Foundation has been accompanied by the incorporation of five new works that have entered its collection. This is a painting by the American Hugh Weiss and four from the French Michel Tyszblat, one of which, Ebrar , stars at the Piece of the Month, this Friday, March 29 (6pm), at the Stämpfli Foundation.

The five works entered into the fund of the Foundation add to the list of the general collection, composed of 130 pieces from 61 different artists. In all cases, those are works donated to the Stämpfli Foundation by the same artists, their heirs or gallery owners, at the request of the marriage Pere and Anna Maria Stämpfli.

The four works of Tyszblat date from the seventies and eighties: Contesol 7 (1971), Ebrar (1974), Esplande Beaubourg ( 1984) and Elle logabal (1989). The first two are made with polyurethane on canvas and the two seconds correspond to two oils. Michel Tyszblat (Paris, 1936 - 2013) joined the group of artists of Narrative Figuration in the sixties; Later, his work experimented in the deconstruction of space before opting for a greater gesture, penetrating informalism and addressing paths between abstraction and figuration.

Ebrar stars at the Piece of the Month of March, this Friday 29 (6pm). The presentation will be lectured by Professor Ferran Martínez Sancho. The work is exhibited in the new design of Hall 2 of the Stämpfli Foundation, along with paintings by Pierre Buraglio, Peter Knapp, Jan Voss or Pavlos.

The piece by Hugh Weiss is titled Chapiteaux (1985) and has also arrived in the last weeks to the new reservation hall of the Stämpfli Foundation. Hugh Weiss (Philadelphia, 1925 - Paris, 2007) is an artist who experiences with dreamlike aspects, which go hand in hand with primitivism and references of children's drawings that shape his work .