The sculptures by Pere Jou at Maricel are now accessible in 3D

The Sitges Heritage Consortium offers to the public 24 models of pieces, including capitals, gargoyles and other elements belonging to the exterior façades

The sculptures by Pere Jou, one of the most important artistic elements of the façade of Maricel,  Can be accessed in 3D ,thanks to the digitization process carried out on the initiative of the Sitges Heritage Consortium. This is an ensemble of 24 pieces accessible from the Sketchfab platform, which allows you to obtain a large number of visions of the works, thanks to 3D technology.

The initiative involved the digitization of 24 sculptures by Pere Jou on the exterior façades of the Palau and the Museu de Maricel. Among the digitized pieces are the capitals, such as the Allegories of Life; of Death; of the Scarcity; of Abundance; of the Diligence and of the Laziness as well as the pieces known as The Eggs; The fox and the bust; The monkey and the puppeteer; The donkey that wore some relics; The bear and the devotee of the gardens; The bear, the monkey and the pig, and the crow and the fox. Also included are the two capitals known as The construction of the Maricel Palace and three gargoyles ( Boy with a fish, Girl drinking and Girl with a vase ), as well as two wooden doors framed with stone sculptures and the coat of arms of Catalonia which is on the façade of the Palau.

The images have been digitized by Bruno Parés and are openly accessible at Sketchfab. Each sculpture appears accompanied by a descriptive file, which incorporates technical information of the piece, as well as documentation. During the referral, the user can contemplate the pieces from any perspective, both frontal and lateral, superior, inferior or even internal, as if the piece was hollow. In addition, you can also make the image smaller or larger, to see the required details more accurately.

For the technical staff of the museums, this high-resolution digitalisation will allow monitoring and restoring any damage that occurs in the future, with millimetric accuracy. It will be enough to do a new digitization and compare it, in order to be able to print on artificial stone the parts that have disappeared.

All models are public and can be consulted for free, and will be downloadable and printable in three dimensions for the users, once a public price has been established.

Pere Jou I Francisco (Sitges, 1891 - 1964) sculpted 64 artistic elements for Maricel, among which 36 capitals on the facades, the cloister and the interiors. This ensemble, which has suffered climatic erosion provoked by the proximity to the sea, has been progressively restored in recent years and is one of the most important examples of nineteenth-century sculpture in the country.

The initiative of 3D digitization has been integrated in the commemoration of the centenary of Maricel, which was celebrated throughout 2018 and until a few weeks ago. The commemoration will culminate in the coming months with the publication of the Book of Maricel .

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