Saint George's Day will flood Sitges Museums with books

Activities will be centered in editorial novelties, reading marathon and book delivery

Saint George's Day will land at the Sitges Museums with editorial novelties, book delivery and a reading marathon. The Museums have programmed a set of cultural proposals for all audiences that will add to the charm and magic of the Day of the Book and the Rose.

On April 23, Cau Ferrat and the Maricel Museum will offer a free book to anyone who buys a ticket. Visitors can choose between these titles: Sitges 2,000 years ago, Maxims and bad thoughts, Summary Guide to Cau Ferrat (old guide), Essay on the different pictorial periods of Santiago Rusiñol. Catalog of the Homage Exhibition 50th anniversary of his death 1931-1981, Manolo Hugué. A documentary exhibition, Lluís Montané. Dynamic Mediterraneanism, Antoni Taulé. Lux and Pre-Columbian Collection.

At the same time, the store at Cau Ferrat and the Museu de Maricel, La Puntual, now offers this year's publications related to the Museums of Sitges. This is the facsimile edition (1919-1920) of Terramar (co-edited by the Sitges Heritage Consortium and the Department of Culture); Hand with pencil. Drawings of the 20th century (Mapfre Foundation Collections), following the exhibition Maricel Museum; and Ramon Casas. Full catalog volume I (Gothsland Art Gallery).

Saing George's Day’s activities will continue on Saturday, April 27, with a reading marathon, aimed at children and adults. Two works will be read: The small history of Santiago Rusiñol, by Vinyet Panyella, for children between 9 and 12 years, and Leaf of life (1898), by Santiago Rusiñol. To participate in the reading, you must call 93 894 03 64 (Ext. 1) or make the registration in the following form .

With the first work, children will be able to know the figure of the painter Santiago Rusiñol and enter in his story in a fun way. Rusiñol's work is a compilation of short decadent-type narratives that inspired the production of the later dramatic work by the author and who for many years provided arguments to the Rusiñol theater.


Book titles that Museums will be giving away to visitors

Sitges 2000 years ago
Maxims and bad thoughts
Summary guide of Cau Ferrat (old guide)
Essay on the different pictorial periods of Santiago Rusiñol. Homage Exhibition Catalog 50th Anniversary of his death 1931-1981
Manolo Hugué. A documentary exhibition
Lluís Montané. Dynamic Mediterraneanism
Antoni Taulé. Lux
Pre-Columbian collection 



Saturday, April 27

Reading marathon

From 11 am to 12 pm: The little story of Santiago Rusiñol, by Vinyet Panyella

12h to 14h : Leaf of life (1898) , by Santiago Rusiñol