Palau Maricel will open weekdays

Tickets to visit Cau Ferrat and Museu Maricel will cost half the price until Maricel reopens after hosting the central exhibition of Year Ramon Casas

Museus de Sitges will increase the frequency of visits to Palau Maricel. During the current month of March, in addition to regular appointments every Sunday, you can also enter the premises built by Miquel Utrillo in different sessions during the week. The timetable of this first month already includes a total of seventeen visits spread among all weekdays except the Monday, when museums are closed for weekly rest.

The intention of Museus de Sitges is that midweek sessions, which until now only took place during the summer season, becomes part of its consolidated calendar and stays within its regular program, right now plans include to keep them until late summer, leaving the door open to their incorporation throughout the year if acceptance by the public is good. Already confirmed is that visits will increase regularity during specific periods in which we receive many visitors, such as Easter or the Sitgestiu Cultural cycle.

Guided tours around Palau Maricel was one of the top proposals of Museus de Sitges during during the last five years. The tours managed to successfully penetrate the cultural and tourist offer of Sitges. The itinerary allows to walk all around the noucentista jewel while  offering stunning views of the Mediterranean from its cloister and terraces. Guided tours are always offered in three languages ​​(Catalan, Spanish and English) and the price of general admission is 5.

The introduction of guided tours during weekdays at Palau Maricel coincides with the temporary closure of Museu Maricel, which is recovering its original appearance after the metamorphosis that suffered in recent months when it became the central exhibition center of Year Ramon Casas. Until April 1, Museu  Maricel will be closed to the public and, therefore, all joint visits to Museu Maricel and Cau Ferrat will cost half the price. During this time, Cau Ferrat will also reduce  visiting hours, which will be from 10h to 17h throughout the week.

Schedule of visits in March
- Wednesday 1
- Friday 3
- Sunday 5
- Tuesday 7
- Wednesday 8
- Thursday 9
- Sunday 12
- Tuesday 14
- Wednesday 15
- Friday the 17
- Saturday 18
- Sunday 19
- Thursday 23
- Saturday 25
- Sunday 26
- Tuesday 28
- Thursday 30