Palau Maricel and the Tour of Ramon Casas are the main attractions this summer

The tours around Palau Maricel (Maricel Palace) will allow us to approach the history of this landmark building

The guided tours during the summer campaign around Palau Maricel will start this week with a dual format: on one hand, the conventional tour, which takes place mornings and noons on different days of the week, and on the other, castanet concert with commentary, carried on Wednesday evenings. The schedule of Sitgestiu Cultural includes another tour during the months of July, August and September: following the steps of Ramon Casas around Cau Ferrat and Maricel Museums.

Visits to Palau Maricel have two formats and both begin this week. Both are guided tours where participants have the opportunity to know the different areas of one of the most emblematic buildings in Sitges, built one hundred years ago by Miquel Utrillo, commissioned by American Tycoon Charles Deering. Visits go though the Golden and Blau Halls and the Chapel, and also cloister and the terraces, here visitors will receive the appropriate explanations and approach the history of the building.

The conventional visits take place two or three days a week (see schedule below) using three different timetables: 11 am in English; 12h 13h in Catalan and Spanish. The price of visits is 5 Euros.

Meanwhile, visits that take place Wednesday afternoon will maintain the same route  through the interior spaces of the building, but will finish at the cloister with a castanet concert accompanied by music of Bach, Strauss, Bizet and Albéniz while enjoying a glass of cava, courtesy of Freixenet. Visits take place every Wednesday at 19pm and the price is 12 Euros.

This summer, Cau Ferrat and Maricel Museums will also incorporate guided visits, in this case following the work of Ramon Casas which is abundant and explicit in both museums. The Tour of Ramon Casas was scheduled to mark the 150th anniversary of the artist, and is part of the Tour of Casas at the Penedès Region, in which six museums-including Cau Ferrat and Maricel- present a route showing the works of this artist in their collections. In total, about 52 different pieces, 22 of which are in Cau Ferrat and 4 at the Maricel Museum.

The Tour of Ramon Casas around the two museums in Sitges allows to admire works as “Carro and vuit mules de tir” (Carriage with eight draft mules)(1889), and “Noia de blanc en un pati blau” (Girl dressed in white in a blue yard ( 1891), “Ball  al Moulin de la Galette”  (Dance in the Moulin de la Galette) (1890 to 1891) and Nu d'esquena (Naked back) (1894), among many others.

Guided visits during summer

Guided tours around Palau Maricel

July: Th. 7 Tu. 12, Tu. 19, Th. 21, F. 22, Tu. 26, Th. 28, F. 29
August: Tu. 2 Th. 4, F. 5 Tu. 9, Th. 11, F. 12, Tu. 16, Th. 18, F. 19, Tu. 30
September: Th. 1 F. 2

11h: English
12h: Catalan
13h: Spanish
€ 5


Guided visits around Palau Maricel with castanet concert + glass of Cava

Itinerary carried out by Agis with recital of Silvia Baqués and Vanessa Tello
July: 6, 13, 20, 27
August: 3, 10, 17, 31
€ 12

Tour of Ramon Casas at the museums of Sitges

Cau Ferrat Museum and Maricel Museum
July: 13, 20, 27
August: 3, 10, 17, 31
September: 7, 14, 21, 28
11h: English
12h: Catalan
13h: Spanish
€ 10