The Museums of Sitges will form part of the Collective Catalogue of Catalonian Universities

The documental repository in Sitges is in constant growth, and is composed by 4000 documents in several formats

The library of the Sitges Heritage Consortium is now part of the Collective Catalogue of the Catalonian Universities (CCUC). A bibliographical repository that allows to locate with a single search all the documents of the library that form part of the Consortium of University Libraries and other not universitary institutions, as for example, some members  of the Network of Art Museums of Catalonia.

As from now, the documental repository of the Museums of Sitges can be accessed universally online, becoming a center of free information with the intent of becoming a center of information about modernism and noucentisme.

This documental repository is in constant growth and is composed by almost 4000 documents in different formats (books, magazines and audiovisual elements) that allow us to know important personalities related to the world of art such as Santiago Rusiñol, Charles Deering, Dr.J esus Perez-Rosales, Miquel Utrillo or Peter Stampfli, among others. The original intent is to preserve and spread the historic, artistic and cultural legacy of Sitges, not only on an online basis, but also as an specific service, as for example, loans among libraries.

The CCUC is currently composed by some twenty institutions and more than 5 million titles, that provide access to more than 12 million physical documents which are referred by about 3 million users every year.