The Museums of Sitges gathered more than 123.000 visitors during 2017

In October, coinciding with up to five cultural events in the city, it was the highest number of visitors

New record of annual visitors to the Museums of Sitges. If by 2015 the reopening of the Cau Ferrat and the Museu de Maricel were received, 106,392 people - more than triple the 30,702 of 2014 - and 2016 was settled with 70,481 visits, 2017 was closed reaching the historic figure of 123,372 visitors.

This includes the visits to the Sitges museums and the activities organized by the Sitges Heritage Consortium throughout the year, such as special routes, cultural outings, family workshops, presentations, conferences, conferences, concerts, the new Sitgestiu Musical or any other type of activity. The variety of proposals prevents you from talking about unique users, since a person who visits an exhibition in January can also sign up for a cultural outing in September. In any case, and based on the basis that the different activities of Museus de Sitges have different audiences, more than 123,000 end users, although not able to be determined as unique, are of particular relevance.

This can be seen, for example, in the 68,478 people who last year visited the eight exhibitions hosted by the Sitges museums. The most visited was that of Ramon Casas (almost 20,000 people, which must be added 18,000 more in the last months of 2016), followed closely by Emerencià Roig (more than 18,000) and, moreover distance, by that of Joaquim Sunyer (more than 13,000) and the one dedicated to the Fantastic Film Festival (more than 12,000).

At the museum level, those that brought together more users were again the Cau Ferrat and the Museu de Maricel with 15,926 registered visitors. The Palau de Maricel gathered more than 6,000, while the Stämpfli Foundation and the new Can Falç space, which temporarily welcomed La Puntual merchandise products, added 1,519 and 105 visitors, respectively.

One of the significant data that leaves this annual summary is that the month of October is considered the most likely in terms of the number of visits, even over the summer months, in which the new proposal of the Sitgestiu Musical also agglutinated more public than the previous year. In order to understand the success of the month of October, it is necessary to keep in mind that during these weeks of autumn the celebration of the European Heritage Days, the Artist's Day and the Creative Connections Festival are joining together. If you add to this the periodic activities of the Museus de Sitges (Piece of the Month, family workshop and cultural outing) and major events in the city such as the Harvest Festival and the Film Festival, this lack of seasonality is more contextualized.

The podium of the most busy months is completed in January and February, just when at the Museu de Maricel it was possible to visit the commemorative exhibition of the Year Ramon Casas. At the group level, the month that concentrates more collective visits is May, which has kept the same tendency in the last two years.