Museums of Sitges and the Escola Pia (Order of the Pious School) close the third edition of their cycle of family workshops

The theme of this course has focused on the contemporary art of the Stämpfli Foundation

The traditional Corpus Christi family workshop, which this year was dedicated to the Maricel' coat of armas to commemorate the centenary of this complex heritage ensemble in Sitges, has closed the third edition of the series of artistic workshops co-organized by Museums of Sitges and the " Escuela Pia de Sitges". The subject of this course has focused on contemporary art and, especially, on the fourth exhibition of the permanent collection of the Stämpfli Foundation.

In total, eight sessions open to everyone and held on the first Saturday of every month in which children and adult artists have discovered artists like Guy de Rougemont, Pavols, Pierette Bloch, Villeglé, Meurice, Peter Stämpfli, Daniel Humair or Miquel Utrillo. And, as usual, they have done this by applying different techniques and materials, such as collage , abstract art, calligraphic gesture, recycling of materials, wax, clay, watermark or shapes and silhouettes through color.

The operation of the workshop is simple and effective: first, the attendees contemplate some of the most significant works of each artist, and then try to emulate them based on their own interpretation. This allows youngsters to foster creativity while approaching the art that can be seen in the museums of the city. In addition, the parents who accompany them also participate actively, both when working on the proposed activity and in the assembly and disassembly of each session.

In this third season of the family workshops of Museums of Sitges and the Escola Pia de Sitges, a total of 181 children from different schools in the city and the rest of the country participated. The Department of Education of Museus of Sitges  is already beginning to prepare the sessions of the fourth season, which will begin again in November and will last until mid-June.