The Museums open the doors to the hospitality industry

A group of hotel desk clerks and agents visit Cau Ferrat, Maricel and the Stämpfli Foundation in order to become their promoters among tourists

A group of professionals from the hospitality industry, tourist apartments and restaurants in Sitges visited this morning the Cau Ferrat, the Maricel Museum and the Stämpfli Foundation, in order to be able to approach their collections and spaces and act as ambassadors of such facilities in their respective concerns. The initiative is a joint action of the Sitges Heritage Consortium and the Hotel Management Guild of Sitges and is the second one that is carried out.

The group was made up of hotel desk clerks, commercial agents and other professionals who are in direct contact with tourists and hotel customers. The purpose is that they can know first hand the size and content of the museums of Sitges, so that they can promote them among visitors first  hand.

The visit began at Cau Ferrat, it has continued at the Maricel Museum - where they have also visited the Mapfre Collection exhibition, which can be seen until June 23 - and has finished at the Stämpfli Foundation. The participants ended up tasting a glass of cava at the cloister of the Maricel Palace.