Maricel's Centennial and the blue color will impregnate the floral decoration of Corpus Christi (Flower Carpets) arranged by museums of Sitges

The involvement with the festival comes from afar and will be reflected again in this edition with the organization of a family workshop and the traditional Ou Com Balla (Dancing Egg)

Sitges’ Corpus Christi enters its peak week and, this year, Museums of Sitges will have a special role. The municipal commission that organizes the festival has taken advantage of Maricel’s Centennial to propose to the Heritage Consortium to take care of the carpet and the floral altar of Cap de la Vila (Main Square), the neuralgic point of the Procession of the Blessed Sacrament of the Sunday of Corpus. 

As usual, the vegetable decoration chosen for the occasion is still a mystery. It is only known that it will be related to Maricel`s Centennial and that the blue color will be present and that both the previous design and the future preparation will be carried out by the staff of  Museums of Sitges.

This will be the first time that Museums of Sitges will take care of the organization of the carpet and the altar of Cap de la Vila. Even so, its involvement with the festivity comes from afar. During these years, they have also mounted carpets in Racó de la Calma and in Carrer d'en Bosch, they have ornamented the museums and their surroundings with floral motifs, they have started the canopy of carnations on the bridge of Racó de la Calma, they have organized family workshops on Saturday prior to the procession and have reclaimed the traditional Ou Com Balla (Dancing Egg) - the same Sunday of Corpus - at the fountain of the courtyard of Maricel Palace. All these parallel activities will also be held in this edition.

Corpus of Sitges 2018 was presented last week, precisely at the Golden Hall of Maricel Palace. The new Commission, headed by Angelina Salesas, presented the new website of the festival, which includes all its historical documentation and which is an element required by the Generalitat of Catalonia (Catalonian Government) to be able to catalog it as a Heritage Festival of National Interest.

This year's Pregó del Clavell (Carnation Proclamation) will be read by Josep Milán, a lover of theater and scholar of the traditions of Sitges, while the pennant holder of Pendó de la Minerva will be Vinyet Caballé, who has made the carpet of Calle Santiago Rusiñol since the late seventies. In total, Sitges will have 34 street sections decorated with flowers, to which must be added the 79th edition of the National Exhibition of Carnations, the 28th edition of Bonsais and Suiseki and an extensive program of cultural activities that will be extended until the second weekend of June.