The Maricel Museum enters a little-known work by Ramon Casas

'Mirador de Maricel' is painted from Can Rocamora at the beginning of the 20th century

The oil Mirador de   Maricel, from Ramon Casas, has joined the Maricel Museum's Art Art Collection, acquired by the Sitges Heritage Consortium from a a collector. The painting adds to the excellent collection of Ramon Casas that have both the Maricel Museum and the Cau Ferrat, which already exceeds one hundred pieces.

Mirador de Maricel does not have documented data, although Ramon Casas painted it at the beginning of the second decade of the 20th century, once Maricel's first part of construction was completed, driven by Charles Deering and under the direction of Miquel Utrillo . In those years, Can Rocamora - the building that connects Cau Ferrat and Maricel, and which is currently integrated into the circuit of both museums - was owned by the family of Ramon Casas, where the artist spent a few stays there.

The painting shows the Mediterranean Sea with the waves touching the Puig de Sitges in front of Maricel, where a part of the viewpoint and one of its identifying columns is appraised. This is a little-known work by Ramon Casas, as it was part of a private collection.

The new oil purchased by the Consortium, however, was already exhibited at the Maricel Museum. It was on the occasion of the Maricell Centennary exhibition (1918 - 2018) between November 15, 2018 and February 24. The painting was exhibited, precisely, in one of the angles of the viewpoint of Maricel. It was one of the two little known works of Casas that the exhibition showed; the other was Feminine portrait (1904-05), also coming from a particular collection.

With this work, the Museums of Sitges have already surpassed the hundred pieces of Ramon Casas in their collections, which are distributed in this way:

- Cau Ferrat Museum: 80 drawings and 15 oils.
- Maricel Museum: two oils, three drawings and a ceramic panel.