The Centenary of Maricel drives the activities of the Museums of Sitges

The next children's workshop, which coincides with the Art Fair, will be dedicated to the Maricel logo, while the March Piece of the Month will focus on the mural decorations of this architectural ensemble

The program of the Centenary of Maricel is expanded with new proposals aimed at different audiences, which serve as a prologue to the main acts, which will arrive in autumn, on the occasion of the commemorative exhibition. The next two acts that are added to the program are a children's workshop and a new specific session of the Piece of the Month. 

The first of these activities will be Sunday, March 18th, coinciding with the Sitges Art Fair, in which a family workshop has been programmed for children and girls to learn to make a logo inspired by the colors and the shape of the emblem of Maricel. The activity, which is free and does not require a reservation, is also part of the 25th anniversary of the Art Fair and, therefore, those attending the show at the Fragata who buy one of the works that are being held, will receive free tickets to access the Museums of Sitges before April 1.

Apart from this children's workshop, the Centenary of Maricel is also influencing the presentations of the Piece of the Month. The month of January was dedicated to the emblem of Maricel, designed by the same Miquel Utrillo in 1912, while the one of February focused on the hydraulic pavements of the public areas of Maricel Palace. In the next session of the Piece of the Month, scheduled for Friday March 23, art historian Daniel Pifarré will explain some little known details of the architectural murals of the Maricel ensemble.

The other great novelty of these dates is the resumption, taking advantage of Holy Week, of guided visits to the Maricel Palace. The sessions will begin on March 25 (Palm Sunday) and will be extended throughout the week until April 1 (Easter Sunday). The hours will be kept as usual - at 11 a.m. in English, at 12 a.m. in Catalan and at 1:00 p.m. in Spanish - and the only days in which there will be no visits will be on Mondays. The guided visits to the Maricel Palace were temporarily suspended before Christmas due to the remodeling works that are being carried out on the railings of the terraces that lead to Fonollar Street. Precisely, in these visits of Easter, due to the works, the terraces will be closed. 

The most important act of the Centenary of Maricel will be in autum, with the exhibition about the first years of Maricel. The exhibition, curated by Ignasi Domènech and Sebastià Sánchez, will occupy the ground floor of the Maricel Museum and the exhibition hall of Can Rocamora.