The exhibition 'Barcelona, the city of artistic miracles' culminates its journey through five Japanese cities

Tokyo is the final stop of the exhibition Barcelona, the city of artistic miracles, following its journey since April last year in various Japanese cities. The exhibition presents 120 works of Modernism, Noucentisme and the Catalan avant-gardes, including three paintings from Cau Ferrat, which...Seguir llegint >>

The exhibition presents 175 works that will put into context the key role of Cau in Modernism

The exhibition 125 years of Cau Ferrat. The construction of an ideal (1894-2019) will be extended for five weeks until March 22. The exhibition, which can be seen on the ground floor of the Maricel Museum, recounts the gestation of Cau Ferrat, on the occasion of its 125th anniversary, as well...Seguir llegint >>

It was deposited by the MNAC and placed next to 'Sitges from the past', by Santiago Rusiñol

The oil by Miquel Utrillo 'Sitges in the 20th century', - also known as 'Sitges to come',  - has arrived at the Maricel Museum, on loan from the National Museum of Art of Catalonia (MNAC). The work was placed last Thursday next to the painting Sitges from the past, by Santiago Rusiñol, in a...Seguir llegint >>

At the end of the year, archeological works will be carried out too find new remains of the Roman past of Sitges

Over the last few weeks, work has been done on the renovation and repair of several walls in the interior of Can Falç, with the aim of keeping the emblematic building of La Ribera in good condition before carrying out the second stage of his refurbishment. This second stage will run through...Seguir llegint >>

The Deering Estate Foundation also recognizes the task of the former director Vinyet Panyella

The Maricel Museum of Sitges, which is part of the Network of Local Museums ascribed to the Government of the Province of Barcelona, received the William I. Irvine prize for their leadership in the preservation of heritage awarded by the American Organization called Deering Estate Foundation....Seguir llegint >>

The recordings, which review the trajectory and the collection of the Maricel and Cau Ferrat Museum, are part of the program La Mirada Tactil (The Tactile Look) launched by the Local Government of Barcelona

The Office of Cultural Heritage of the Barcelona Provincial Government deployed, during 2007, a series of actions to narrow the gap between museums and their legacy and society at large. All are included within the program La Mirada Tactil, carried out with the assessment of the Catalan...Seguir llegint >>

The documental repository in Sitges is in constant growth, and is composed by 4000 documents in several formats

The library of the Sitges Heritage Consortium is now part of the Collective Catalogue of the Catalonian Universities (CCUC). A bibliographical repository that allows to locate with a single search all the documents of the library that form part of the Consortium of University Libraries and...Seguir llegint >>

The piece, donated by Dr. Jesús Pérez-Rosales, was the subject of a vandalic act last Carnival

The sculpture Apollo , located in the gardens of la Fragata and which was beheaded last Carnival by a vandal action, has recovered its splendor, after a restoration process promoted by the Consortium of Heritage of Sitges and the Department of Culture . The piece, whose date of...Seguir llegint >>

This is the fifth consecutive time that they have been awarded this tourist quality award linked to the digital world

For the fifth year, Sitges Museums has been awarded the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. The distinction has been awarded since 2010 and has already established itself as a reference among the tourism sector in the digital world.

The operation is simple: the award is given by...Seguir llegint >>

The new rates of the Sitges Heritage Consortium present reductions in prices for different situations

The Sitges Heritage Consortium has approved the new public price tariffs for 2020, which extend the age for free access to Sitges museums, provide family discounts and reductions for the more loyal public. The prices will come into force on January 2 and retain the 10 euros as a standard entry...Seguir llegint >>