The next children's workshop, which coincides with the Art Fair, will be dedicated to the Maricel logo, while the March Piece of the Month will focus on the mural decorations of this architectural ensemble

The program of the Centenary of Maricel is expanded with new proposals aimed at different audiences, which serve as a prologue to the main acts, which will arrive in autumn, on the occasion of the commemorative exhibition. The next two acts that are added to the program are a children's...Seguir llegint >>

The appointment will take place on Friday April 6th and will feature thirty experts

The Museums of Sitges once again bring the archaeological debate to the forefront thanks to the third edition of the Archeology Symposium. The biannual appointment, will repeat the stage at the Palau de Maricel, but this time, later than we were accustomed to: instead of taking place at the end...Seguir llegint >>

They will offer three routes for the Cau Ferrat and the Museu de Maricel, among which one with the works that were most considered by Santiago Rusiñol

The Museu Mariceland the Cau Ferrat Museum will be launching, as of Easter, a new free virtual application service with audio guide to complement visits to their halls. The service is already finished and, in recent days, the staff of the Museus of Sitges has completed training sessions....Seguir llegint >>

The commemoration claims the legacy of Noucentisme through an exhibition, publications, background digitalization, guided tours, children's workshops and merchandising

Maricel, the singular architectural complex that Miquel Utrillo designed in one of the most privileged places in Sitges, a hundred years ago. The Sitges Heritage Consortium has programmed a series of activities aimed at vindicating the precious legacy of one of the capital buildings to...Seguir llegint >>

The exhibitions of Ramon Casas, Emerencià Roig, Joaquim Sunyer and Lovecraft were the ones that received more public

Temporary exhibitions have become a new pole of attraction for visitors. Last year, the various exhibitions organized by Museus de Sitges or convened by other organizations in the facilities managed by the Sitges Heritage Consortium received 68,478 visitors, a significant figure that allowed...Seguir llegint >>

Those are two anonymous Italians that are part of the Collection of Dr. Pérez Rosales

The Restoration Service of the Sitges Heritage Consortium has restored two drawings dating from 1810, made by an Italian anonymous artist and part of the Collection of Dr. Jesús Pérez - Roses of the Museu Maricel. These are two works that needed an urgent action to improve their condition and...Seguir llegint >>

In October, coinciding with up to five cultural events in the city, it was the highest number of visitors

New record of annual visitors to the Museums of Sitges. If by 2015 the reopening of the Cau Ferrat and the Museu de Maricel were received, 106,392 people - more than triple the 30,702 of 2014 - and 2016 was settled with 70,481 visits, 2017 was closed reaching the historic figure of 123,372...Seguir llegint >>

The works will refurbish the railings of the terraces that border Fonollar

The Palau de Maricel started this week the first action to reform the building, one of the different works that will be carried out throughout 2018, the year in which its centenary is commemorated. This is an exceptional action - complementary to the extensive structural reform financed by the...Seguir llegint >>

The itinerary proposes an artistic journey from the Romanesque period to the Noucentisme and ends with a climb to the bell tower

Sitges Museums have already announced the dates of guided visits to the Sitges Parish next year. The sessions will be held on Saturday, but the main novelty is that they will be concentrated between the months of May and October. The objective is to take advantage of the period with the highest...Seguir llegint >>

Sitges, Madrid and Palma exhibited works by Casas and their contemporaries, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth

The Ramon Casas exhibition, a long yearned modernity -organized jointly by Sitges Museums, Obra Social "la Caixa" and the National Art Museum of Catalonia- received the sum of 200,000 visitors in the three exbitions in Sitges, Madrid and Palma. Ramon Casas, the modernity...Seguir llegint >>