Guided itineraries may take place between March and October

The guided visits to the Maricel Palace and the Parish of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla return this spring to the program of heritage activities and will be held periodically until the fall. Two of the most emblematic buildings of the town open to the public, on the initiative of the Sitges...Seguir llegint >>

Its incorporation into the position guarantees the correct operation of the Sitges Heritage Consortium and the continuity of the projects

The archaeologist and museologist Pere Izquierdo i Tugas (Gavà, 1963) has been appointed managing director of the Sitges Heritage Consortium, with provisional character until April 30. In this way, the job position, which had been vacant past February 15 for the retirement of Vinyet Panyella,...Seguir llegint >>

The City Council of Sitges will allocate 1.7 million euros to carry out the first phase of the project to rehabilitate and museise Palau Maricel, which will also be subsidized by the Diputació de Barcelona (Provincial Government).

The project for the integral reform, rehabilitation, restoration and museization of Palau de Maricel is a key element in the Mandate Plan (2015-2019) that acts as a driving force of the government of Sitges. The project, developed by the Sitges Heritage Consortium with the...Seguir llegint >>

In the last year, 45 works from the Cau Ferrat collection and the Maricel Museum have participated in temporary exhibitions

The National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo, the National Art Museum of Catalonia, the Mapfre Foundation, the CaixaForum from Lleida and Girona, the Valls Museum, the Rural Life Museum of Espluga de Francolí and the Foundation Josep Pla de Palafrugell have been the recipients of the works...Seguir llegint >>

During this period, the heritage of Sitges has improved structures and added visibility and cultural dynamism

Vinyet Panyella i Balcells today leaves the direction and management of the Sitges Heritage Consortium, during her 65th birthday. It does so leaving the museums of Sitges with the maximum projection achieved and with different projects on their way to reinforce the map of the heritage of Sitges...Seguir llegint >>

These are 25 pieces that will be exhibited in the new halls won with the extension

The facilities of the Stämpfli Foundation have received today 25 works that expand their collection and will be exhibited in the three rooms won with the new enlargement. These are pieces, above all, by Pere Stämpfli, but also by other artists, such as Michel Tysblat, who have arrived from...Seguir llegint >>

The restoration has allowed deep cleaning

The mythical and emblematic sculpture of La Sirena, a work by Pere Jou and which was completed in 1965, is already ready to look like in its origins. The restoration carried out on the initiative of the Council of Culture of the City Council and the Consortium of Heritage of Sitges has...Seguir llegint >>

This new condition reinforces the projection of both museums and equips them with a new status

The museums of Cau Ferrat and that of Maricel are already of National Interest. The Government of the Generalitat today approved this entitlement, which had already been approved by the Board of Museums of Catalonia in March. The condition of National Interest will allow Cau Ferrat and...Seguir llegint >>

Sitges also appears through various patrimonial elements and events in the holiday calendar

The cultural activities of Sitges and, in particular, the Museums of Sitges focus much of the content of the first promotional video of 2019. The video, produced to wish a good new year to the users of social networks, takes a snap...Seguir llegint >>

‘A walk through the Maricel by Charles Deering and Miquel Utrillo’ is distributed free of charge to participants on Sundays guided tours

The history, secrets and itineraries around the architectural ensemble of Maricel have been included in a new guide published by the Sitges Heritage Consortium on the occasion of the centenary of the building and the activities that have been programmed around it. The guide is entitled...Seguir llegint >>