The Creative Connections and the Catalunya i Futur congress take center stage, after the Fantastic

Fifteen days ago it was the Film Festival, before it was the Poetry Festival, the Jazz and Sitges Next and this week it is the Creative Connections and the Catalunya i Futur congress. The Palau de Maricel is reinforced reception center for cultural festivals and, as in the Saturday congress,...Seguir llegint >>

The two exhibitions close their doors Tuesday October 31, after several months installed in the museums

End of the route for the two exhibitions that Sitges Museums currently have at their facilities .After the closing of Ramon Casas. The longed modernity, that accompanied the celebration of the Year Casas, from CaixaFòrum in Palma, also from Lovecraft: the fear from beyond -...Seguir llegint >>

The variety of proposals and the commitment to classical music has brought together nearly a thousand people during the month of July

The surname of Sitgestiu Cultural was changed to Sitgestiu Musical and, consequently, the are more proposals that have music as a central axis. And for now, the public's response has been so or more positive than in previous years. The programming of the Museums of Sitges for this summer goes...Seguir llegint >>

La Puntual offers merchandising products inspired in emblematic works of museums, while explaining all secrets that they hide

Can Falç opens its doors as of today until next August 31 with a proposal that adds to the cultural program of the summer of the Museums of Sitges. The ground floor of the emblematic building located in Passeig de la Ribera will host the Museum's summer store sharing an experience...Seguir llegint >>

The City Council approves to allocate 650,000 euros from the surplus

A structural reform operation will improve the spaces of Maricel Palacel, will make them more accessible and adapt a part as a stage for first-class art exhibitions. The Plenary Session of the City Council of Sitges approved last week granted a contribution of 650,000 euros for the structural...Seguir llegint >>

Sitgestiu Musical brings the lyrical genre to all audiences

When we talk about Sitgestiu, we are talking about opera and the company Operaílica. The Catalan lyrical repertoire is one of the most veteran proposals of the contest and in this edition, in which music has gained weight, neither could be missed.

The opera program of Sitgestiu Musical...Seguir llegint >>

Opera, classical music, jazz, nocturnal tours around museums, visits to Maricel Palace and children's workshops to top programming

During summer, Museums of Sitges are packed with an schedule including several musical proposals, tours around our heritage and some new format activities. Opera, classical music and jazz are the main musical proposals, while the nocturnal tours  around Cau Ferrat and Maricel Museum, guided...Seguir llegint >>

A series of six concerts scheduled inside Sitgestiu Cultural recovers this emblematic space as a stage for concerts

Sitgestiu Cultural 2017 -the cultural program of Museums of Sitges during the summer, presents this year several new activities, including night visits to museums and the creation of a series of classical music at the Racó de la Calma. Co-organized by the Department of Culture of the City Hall...Seguir llegint >>

One of the strategic goals of the institution. Fully justified by their collections and heritage value of buildings

Sitges Heritage Consortium asked the Catalonian Government to declare the Cau Ferrat and Maricel Museum as museums of national interest. The petition is supported by the application approved by the General Council of the Consortium on 10 May, from a report drawn by the Director, Vinyet Panyella...Seguir llegint >>

The 'Blue Summer Nights' offer guided tours to bring visitors to our heritage

The charm and mystery of the night will permeate again every corner of the Cau Ferrat and Maricel Museum. The night tours are added permanently to the cultural offer of Museums of Sitges for the summer months. They will be held every Wednesday between 12 July and 22 August, between 22 and 24...Seguir llegint >>