The magazine was published by the City Council and the Heritage Consortium on the occasion of the centenary of Terramar

Terramar magazine– Biweekly publication about arts, letters and sports, which was published between 1919 and 21, regained life thanks to a facsimile edition published by the Department of Culture of the City Council of Sitges and the Heritage Consortium. The book is on sale at...Seguir llegint >>

Activities will be centered in editorial novelties, reading marathon and book delivery

Saint George's Day will land at the Sitges Museums with editorial novelties, book delivery and a reading marathon. The Museums have programmed a set of cultural proposals for all audiences that will add to the charm and magic of the Day of the Book and the Rose.

On April 23, Cau Ferrat...Seguir llegint >>

The Palace will receive daily guided tours to visit its interior

The cultural agenda of Sitges Museums does not stop for the Holy Week. A day dedicated to Charles Deering, an extensive program of guided tours around the Maricel Palace and the exhibition From Modernisme to the Avant-garde, Drawings from the Mapfre Foundation's collection outline the...Seguir llegint >>

The drawing sessions are complemented by a guided visit to the Mapfre Foundation exhibition at the Maricel Museum

Drawing is the leading role at the Museums of Sitges this spring, thanks to the exhibition "Del Modernisme a les Avantguardes". Drawings from the Mapfre Foundation collection, which brings together at the Maricel Museum 47 works by modern masters of modern art. On the occasion of this...Seguir llegint >>

These are two drawings from the beginning of the 20th century that are exhibited in the exhibition 'Perversity: fatal women in modern art (1880-1950)'

The Sitges Heritage Consortium loaned two drawings by Pablo Ruiz, Picasso froml Cau Ferrat to thwe the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Malaga to participate in the exhibition Perversity:: fatal women in modern art (1880-1950) , which was inaugurated last Saturday and it will be possible to...Seguir llegint >>

In the exhibition 'From Modernisme to the Avant-garde drawings' from Mapfre collections are exhibited for the first time in Catalonia, 47 drawings of key figures from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

Marià Fortuny, Auguste Rodin, Edgar Degas, Picasso, Francis Picabia, Henri Matisse, Salvador Dalí and Joan Miró are some of the names present in the exhibition From Modernisme to the Avant-garde. Drawings from the Mapfre collections, which opened on March 28 at the Maricel...Seguir llegint >>

'Ebrar', by Tyszblat, stars at the Piece of the Month

The extension of the Stämpfli Foundation has been accompanied by the incorporation of five new works that have entered its collection. This is a painting by the American Hugh Weiss and four from the French Michel Tyszblat, one of which, Ebrar , stars at the Piece of the Month, this...Seguir llegint >>

A selection from the general collection and a journey through Peter Stämpfli’s career welcome this new phase

The Stämpfli Foundation christens its new facilities with a fresh selection from its collection and an exhibition of 25 works by Peter Stämpfli, the Swiss artist who, along with his wife, Anna Maria, has carried out the ambitious project of opening a contemporary art museum in Sitges....Seguir llegint >>

The two oils, which have been part of the collection of the Maricel Museum, have been restored

One of the oil paintings that Santiago Rusiñol painted in his first years in Sitges, Galeria blanca , and one of the most emblematic paintings by Joaquim de Miró i Argenter, Platja de Sitges (1895), have gone through the restoration workshop of the Heritage Consortium of...Seguir llegint >>

The exhibition 'Del Modernisme a les Avantguardes. Drawings from the Fundación Mapfre collection 'presents 47 works by top-level artists from the 19th and 20th centuries

The ground floor of the Maricel Museum puts the red carpet to receive the works of some of the most important  and well recognised artists of the second half of the 19th and the first haff the 20th centuries. Names such as Marià Fortuny, Auguste Rodin, Edgar Degas, Joaquín Sorolla, Pablo...Seguir llegint >>