‘L’art modern. Obres mestres del Cau Ferrat’

30 March 2012 to 24 November 2012

‘Modern Art. Masterpieces of the Cau Ferrat’ (Miramar building) From 30th March until 25th November 2012.
Opening times:

From 1/10 to 30/6 Tuesday to Saturday 10.00 to 14.00 and 15.30 to 19.00.

(Sundays and public holidays 11.00 to 15.00)

From 1/7 to 30/9 Tuesday to Sunday including public holidays 11.00 to 20.00.

 The director of the Consortium of the Patrimony of Sitges, Vinyet Panyella has made clear the objective ‘Modern Art. Masterpieces of the Cau Ferrat Museum’; to exhibit the collection usually held in the Cau Ferrat during the necessary restoration taking place on the museum. The exhibition will be on display in the Miramar building until 25th November, shortly before the reformation of the Museo Cau Ferrat is due to be completed. Commencing on Friday 30th March at 20.00, the importance awarded to the exhibition by the Consortium is evident in the attendance of both the Mayor of Sitges Miquel Forns, and the President of Barcelona Council, Salvador Esteve.
‘Modern Art. Masterpieces of the Cau Ferrat’ brings together nearly 150 works from the museum which is currently under renovation. It is an exceptional opportunity to witness to a selection of Modernist Catalan painting from the end of the 19th century. Amongst the collection there are twenty-eight oil paintings by Rusiñol and another twenty by Santiago Ramon Casas. The exhibition was put together and organized by the Consortium of the Patrimony of Sitges in collaboration with the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) of which the Museo Cau Ferrat forms a part. The curator is Art Historian Ignasi Domenech.

By organising this exhibition, the Consortium of the Patrimony of Sitges looked to ensure that any restorations of the museums in the town do not become an impediment for citizens and visitors of Sitges who wish to view the collections of Cau Ferrat. For this reason, ‘Modern Art: Masterpieces of the Cau Ferrat’ will be on display for more than eight months. When the exhibition closes, work on the museum will be in its final stages and, before long, the treasures of the Cau Ferrat will return to their rightful home. These renovations carefully adhere to the criteria respecting historical heritage set by the newly governing Sitges and Barcelona Councils.
Modernism in three areas
The exhibition is organised into three sections: Santiago Rusiñol; the master of the Cau Ferrat, the Art of Collecting and Modern Art. The abundant collection makes the Cau Ferrat one of the most important and relevant displays of Modernism and the Golden Age of Catalan painting.
In addition to a representative collection of oil paintings by Santiago Rusiñol and Ramon Casas, ‘Modern Art: Masterpieces of the Cau Ferrat’ includes paintings by Pablo Picasso, Isidre Nonell, Carles Casagemes, Ignacio Zuloaga, Miquel Utrillo and Anglada-Camarasa among others. Also on display are the two paintings by El Greco acquired by Rusiñol which were added to the Cau Ferrat collection in 1894, sculptures by Manolo Hugué, Enric Clarasó and Pablo Gargallo photographs (some unpublished) and objects made from glass and iron.
The Cau Ferrat
The Cau Ferrat building was the temporary residence of the painter, writer and collector Santiago Rusiñol (Barcelona 1861-Aranjuez, Madrid 1931). It can be seen as a true statement of his principals on the vision of art. Built in 1893-1894, on the site of two old fishermen’s houses, the building is home to various collections of art, both early and modern, and naturally includes a significant representation of the work of its owner.
After his death, Rusiñol donated Cau Ferrat and its collections to the town of Sitges and in April 1933 it opened as a public museum. Since January 2010 it has been closed for necessary restoration; for structural conservation due to sea damage and for the conservation and security of the collections, upgrading facilities and improving accessibility to the general public.
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