‘Frankenstein resuturado: 21 mirades inèdites sobre la criatura de Mary Shelley’

4 October 2018 to 14 October 2018
Saló Blau del Palau de Maricel

Frankenstein Lives: 21 new insights on the creature of Mary Shelley brings together 21 illustrations on the legendary figure of Frankenstein. The artists that have made works are Raquel  Lagartos, Sara Morante, Javier Olivares, Fernando Vicente, Mireia Pérez, Tyto Alba, Joaquín Pertierra, MBRichart, Pedro Rodríguez, Miriampersand, Irene Gracia, Raquel Aparicio, Elena Odriozola, Juan Miguel Aguilera, Raúl Cáceres, Raquel Alzate, Dídac Pla, Carlos Rodríguez Casado, Laia Arqueros, Santiago Sequeiros and Carlos Spottorno.

The exhibition is curated by the writer Fernando Marías and is part of the multidisciplinary project Frankenstein Lives, which includes in a book the 21 illustrations to accompany 21 stories on the mythical figure. The exhibition can be seen in the Blue Hall of Maricel Palace until Sunday 14.

Cureted: Fernando Marías

Partner: Sitges - Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya

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