‘Carn i ferro. Fantàstic & Terror’

3 October 2014 to 12 October 2014


The Bestiarie record company will be presenting a series of black ink prints at the Maricel Palace in an exhibition paying tribute toTetsuo, the film directed by Shinya Tsukamoto, and considered foundational for the cyberpunk film movement. The artists exhibiting their work are Liqen, Alonso Urbanos and Nando Vázquez, 

The distinguished illustrator Liqen, has painted, during his street art facet, colorful, detailed murals on walls all over the world, and exhibited in places like the Opera Gallery on New York or been present at fairs like the International Contemporary Art Fair in Miami. 

Alonso Urbanos has exhibited his designs at the National Romanticism Museum in Madrid, among other venues, and recently designed the covers for the cassette tapes produced by the Bestiarie record company, an editorial record label dedicated to publishing graphic and musical works related to ambient, industrial, metal and noise music and in charge of the exhibition’s production. 

Galician illustrator Nando Vázquez has exhibited at different venues around Spain and Mexico, and will be presenting his work along with the graphic work by Miguel Sueiro, creator of Bestiarie.   

The pieces will be displayed in a 70 x 100 format, and have been inspired by the relationship of the 20th century human being with the machine that Tsukamoto captures with the film Tetsuo, not as a struggle but as a fusion that gives rise to a new man, to thetechnological man of today. This exhibition is aimed at paying tribute to a film that, although it is now 26 years old, continues to be as valid as the day it premiered. 

Shinia Tsukamoto is a filmmaker who has been especially interested in the fears of modern man, by the confrontation between flesh and the technology that surrounds it. Tetsuo, his first international hit, can be considered a cyberpunk apologia seeking a point of escape in cinematic language using the plastic of images as the driving force of a surreal discourse.

The exhibition’s prints will be on sale online at the website: www.fleshandiron.com


Illustrator Carles Ganyarul (Ganya) presents, also at the Maricel Palace, his collection of drawings based on scenes from fantasy and horror genre films. This exhibition offers the particular vision of this illustrator and film lover of a series of movies that he considers to have left a  mark on filmgoer’s memory. 

The black and white illustrations made with pencils on wood, relive movie classics like Nosferatu (1922) or Bride of Frankenstein(1935) to more recent titles like Alien vs Predator (2004), King Kong (2005) or Matrix Reloaded (2003), among others. Characters and films that are movie icons like DraculaTerminator, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Taxi DriverWolverineJason, orFreddy will also be present.

Ganya started off in illustration relatively late at the ages of 31, despite being the son of a painter and illustrator. He has always been connected to the celluloid world, both as a movie buff and through his film direction studies and his career as a TV producer. His ability to recreate legendary scenes and faces and the contrast of black and white is what prevails in this collection that, according to its author, "is aimed at paying tribute to the seventh art".